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Textile Treatment


Daily home textile treatment Industrial functional textile manufacturing process Integrated textile part treatment Solution:

Gens Nano is a novel nano material for functional textile and fabric production to promote their property, widely used in textile processing and daily textile treatment. Gens photocatalyst sol can effectively bind on the surface of fabric. The effect will maintain for long time after one treatment. Photocatalyst sol can also be used in the processing of textile industry, greatly promoting anti-bacterial and deodorizing performance. In anti-allergy and anti-skin disease field, Gens products also perform excellent. Gens Nano photocatalyst can remove odor and decompose harmful gas to produce water and carbon dioxide. As a result, our product can be applied on textile and fabric for air purification, such as curtain and fabric air filter. Meanwhile, there is no extra pollution and no harm for the coated textile. Our product is extremely easy to use, just dipp the textile in the sol or spray the sol on the surface.


Deodorization & Air purification Anti-allergy Reduce skin disease Anti-static Elimination all kinds of bacteria and virus Binds strongly on the surface of textile Easy to use, home DIY ready Totally safe to human


Easy for home use, provides anti-bacterial, deodorization and anti-static functions to textile. Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial function for clothing, kills variety of bacteria and viruses. Deodorization for clothes, e.g. remove sweat smell and other bad smell from sports suites. Product integrated with the textile manufacturing for automobile can refresh the air in the automobile. Personal health prevention and cure for foot odor, skin diseases, women and infant diseases. Remove harmful substances from textile such as formaldehyde. Applied in production of air purification functional textile. No harm to human body or skin, safe, suitable for underwear Widely used in textile for anti-bacterial, including mask, curtain, sheet, underwear, shirt, T-shirt, sports garments, glove, sock, towel, blanket, quilt cover, pillow cover, washing cloth and various kinds of women and children stuffs, one-off medical textile Excellent anti-mold feature for wool textile